Hi. I'm Despi.

many things
to many people


Over the last twenty years I've built museum exhibits, corporate websites, mobile apps, and marketing plans.

At my professional core, I’m a content creator and a technologist. But my other titles have included beekeeper, board chair, and after-school art teacher. There’s no single definition that can pin me down.


I like to wear many hats.

I’m a doer. I love making things. I always have a main thing, a side thing, a new project, and a burgeoning hobby. I blur the lines between work and play to discover intersections between seemingly unrelated skills and ideas.


I write to share ideas. My writing has meandered through many personal and professional creations including museum exhibits, marketing content, and recently a new book and essays on Substack.


I build websites and architect applications. I love figuring out how to solve technical problems and being a part of team that collaborates to do those things.


Art was my first love. I'm an art historian by education and today I make oil paintings and small works on paper with oil pastels. I love the process and sharing the results with people who are curious enough to take a peek.

Educator and Coach

I've taught after-school art, cooking classes, college-level art courses, and website building workshops–among other things. These days I build online courses and relish the chance to share what I've learned with others as a coach.


A few of my recent projects...

Making art more accessible...

I worked with the Indianapolis Art Center to redesign their website with an emphasis on creating a better mobile a experience, adding more tools to filter and search for classes, and make updates easier for staff. Visit website.

The Big Little Quesion

My debut book offers a practical toolkit for women searching for more satisfying lives. It will be available everywhere books are sold on January 24, 2024. Get the book.

My favorite artwork of 2023

This piece is an oil pastel on paper and is called, "Taking Flight." The light and bright color palette was a trend for me in 2023.

Bluebird Digital Studio

Check out my digital studio serving non-profits and entrepreneurs with websites, digital marketing, and technical systems setup and integration. Visit website.

Journey though a song...

Read this Substack essay series where I explore the lyrics of Alanis Morissette's song "Thank U" and the meaningful lessons I learned from it. Read on Substack.


I've worked with some amazing partners.

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